"Right Before Your Eyes" is a film inspired by true events. It is the story of a man recovering from addiction and his epic journey home to visit his young Autistic son he has not seen since birth. Will his renewed faith in God be strong enough to guide him there safely, or will temptation lead him down a dark path from which he may never return?

David Vincent Bobb, a proud Greek Orthodox Christian, is the Executive Producer of CDB Films and the Director/Producer/Writer of "Right Before Your Eyes".

​​David's real-life struggle with addiction and his journey back from the darkness are chronicled in this film of twists, turns, humor, depression, and the harsh reality of alcoholism and addiction. This film will find its way into your heart and open your mind while keeping you in suspense with a thrilling and emotional flight of the human psyche.

"Right Before Your Eyes" has been a labor of love and David feels truly blessed to be alive to tell the story. 

And speaking of blessings, David has also been blessed by God The Father with an amazing Autistic son, Christian, who inspired David to write this story of faith, hope, forgiveness, love, repentance, and redemption.